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Marketing services

My main commitment is to help you achieving your business objectives through communication and marketing actions. Together we will create your brand, define the strategies and the action plan to make your brand successful.

Identidad de marca
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People are unique, have their own personality and behavior. Brands as well.

For that reason is essential to outperform the competition.  Knowing how to communicate the brand identity and values is the key to develop customer loyalty.

Creating your brand, from the concept to the visual identity. Together the brand values and the graphic style will be created making it unique, including a logo with color range and typography that allows your clients to identify your brand.

Estrategia de Marketing

Knowing your potential client is vital to define the most efficient way to attract their attention and choose your branding. A market analyze will be provided to enable you targeting and learning about the needs of your future clients.

Furthermore the positioning strategy will be defined in order to optimize the product or service you offer. A marketing mix will be prepared including the most attractive price,  efficient distribution channel, communication and promotion strategy to be implemented.

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Tienda online
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Online presence is essential for being known and commercial success. This rule applies to all industries and even more so in the current situation.

Assistance in developing your website and/ or online store that communicates the personality of your brand and presents the products and / or services you offer in the most effective and efficient way. The best existing web development platforms are being used to save time and money such as Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, WooCommerce or Jimdo.


Your website or virtual store will appear in search engines (SEO) and you will be able to manage and update it personally, without depending on an external programmer or web designer.

Email marketing

Email Marketing

Your brand success depends primarily on your customers. If they are not satisfied with your brand, they will look for your competitors.

Your brand must establish a solid and lasting relationship with your customers. One way to do this is through email marketing. Sending relevant information in a timely manner is one of the requirements for email marketing. Identifying what information generates value, how to communicate it and how often will be a part of the action plan. Furthermore, the campaigns design and results analysis will be developed.

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Identifying and knowing your client or consumer is the basis for achieving efficient communication. Getting to know your client, identify their interests and define what information must be communicated through the necessary channels are the first steps of content marketing.

One of the strategic objectives of any brand, should be effective content with perfect timing to convert potential clients or consumers. Generating impact is required to attract attention and getting audience to remember your brand and develop conversion.

Content marketing includes SEO to appear in search results, web content, presence in social media, digital newsletters, online advertising, among other communication materials.

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