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Define your brand identity

and be efficient

Let's build together a unique brand, including behavior and strategy that distinguishes from its competitors

Turning an idea into your desired business model


What is my brand name? What defines it? How do I present my brand to potential clients? Why does the customer choose my brand?




Market analyze in order to create the optimize market segmentation. 

Development of an effective marketing strategy to launch your business.



The communication strategy is essential to present your business model. Identify messages for successful and effective communication.

Hello, I am Paola

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I am a digital marketing consultant living in Berlin, Germany. I have been working in marketing and communication for the past  15 years in several industries, national and international companies in Germany, Spain and Latin America.

In Barcelona, ​​Spain, I specialized in Marketing and discovered my passion for digital marketing. Since then, I have focused on brand identity in the digital environment, marketing strategy, websites, e-commerce, email marketing and content marketing.

In my hometown, Lima, Peru, I worked in Corporate Communication and obtained the tools to communicate effectively the values ​​of a brand to achieve the marketing objectives.

I am looking forward to a successful partnership developing your new business or grow your brand with the most efficient marketing and communication tools to achieve your goals successfully.

Previous partnerships


"Working with Paola was a fantastic experience. I am fascinated by her professional knowledge, emotional intelligence and creativity."


Nicole Molina Cardenas

Mi Tribu Berlin

Sandro Tornow, insec2eat, insect essbar

"The marketing strategy was very detailed and with the necessary steps for the implementation. The communication very fluent, we will work together in the future."


Sandro Tornow


jorge lopez torres, fibercom, fibra optica, consultoria de marketing especializada, marketing digital España, agencia digital de marketing

"She is a great professional who knows and performs her duties perfectly, providing valuable new ideas to achieve the business goals."


Jorge Lopez Torres


"Paola is proactive, organized and very efficient. She is highly responsible, direct and can manage objectively the tasks requested".


Aralicia Alvaro  


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